Josh Cribbs Lashes Out At Fans On Twitter

By Riley Schmitt
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Cribbs and the Cleveland Browns have not had a good season. It appears that Cribbs is probably done in Cleveland after this year. He fumbled during Sunday’s game and he was apparently not happy with his mentions on Twitter after it. This led to him unleashing this Tweet, which he will probably regret.

Josh Cribbs ‏@JoshCribbs16

I see all the negativity on twitter after I gave my life to this [expletive deleted]. So 2 all u who are against me [expletive deleted] all y’all! I’m still gonna do me!

This is why Twitter is dangerous if you are an athlete.  You may like connecting with fans, but there will always be those who go out of their way to insult you.  Cribbs must have been in a bad mood after the game and his mentions must have really set him off.  I bet he wishes he could take that Tweet back, but you really can’t take something down once it goes on the internet.

Heck, he already pulled down the Tweet but the posting above is the edited version.  This is a family site after all and you don’t want to expose kids to some bad language.  Anyways, this is just another example of fans going out of their way to go after athletes.

If I was a pro athlete, I would not have Twitter.  The negatives seem to outweigh the benefits.  Cribbs is not the first person to use it to lash out and he will not be the last one.

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