NFL Playoff Picture: Updated Now That Week 16 Late Games are Over

By Craig Ballard
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE


Week 16 in the NFL is in the books (almost…San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks is about to start and that is the final game for week 16) and we have a clearer picture now of how the 2012 playoffs will look.


The Houston Texans (12-3) and the Denver Broncos (12-3) would be off week one of the playoffs, and would each host in the second week of the playoffs. Currently the Texans are the #1 seed as they have the tie-breaker over the Broncos (31-25 week 3 victory over the Broncos at Mile High is the difference here…that is the only home loss for the 2012 Broncos, but it has massive tie-breaker implications).

The Texans will have to beat at the Indianapolis Colts, or have the Broncos lose at home to the Kansas City Chiefs to secure the #1. A Colts victory over the Texans plus a Bronocs victory over the Chiefs would land the Broncos in the top spot.

The #3 New England Patriots (11-4) would host the #6 Cincinnati Bengals (9-6) while the #4 Baltimore Ravens (10-5) would host the #5 Colts (10-5).


The 49ers will play tonight. That result will go a long way in shaping the top two NFC seeds. The Atlanta Falcons are the #1 seed, but the Green Bay Packers can catch the 49ers for the #2 seed.  The Pack will be either the #2 or #3, they have no other scenarios.

The #4 seed is the Washington Redskins. The NFC East leaders are on a fantastic six game winning streak, and are the only NFC East team who won their crucial week 16 games. The Dallas Cowboys lost at home to the New Orleans Saints in overtime, and the New York Giants were crushed at Baltimore. The winner of Dallas at Washington in week 17 wins the NFC East.

The wild card teams are still a question mark in the NFC. The Seahawks are a sure fire #5 seed, but #6 seed is up for grabs. If the Minnesota Vikings win at home vs the Packers then they are the #6 seed. The Chicago Bears will need to win, plus will need the Vikings to lose.

The Giants will need to win, plus losses by these wild-card hopefuls to pull off an improbable playoff birth.

There is still a playoff spot up for grabs in the NFC, and we could still see teams improve their seeding in week 17. It is go-time!

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