NFL Rumors: New York Jets Facing Future Offensive Coordinator in Norv Turner?

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Rex Ryan Greets Norv Turner
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To the untrained eye, there is nothing all that remarkable about the New York Jets hosting the San Diego Chargers in their Week 16 matchup at MetLife Stadium this weekend.

Yet for Chargers head coach Norv Turner (above left ), it could be the first part of a potential job interview.

It’s been one of the worst kept secrets in the NFL that Turner is a lame duck coach, set to be fired at season’s end from his post as Chargers head coach after six seasons at the helm.

Meanwhile, the Jets could be in the market for a new offensive coordinator this off-season, after Tony Sparano‘s first season in New York was marred by ineffectiveness and inconsistency.

Sparano’s future in New York is up in the air right now, but should the Jets choose to move on from him, Norv Turner might be the perfect man to replace him as Jets offensive coordinator in 2013 and beyond.

Turner may be a flawed head coach, but it’s hard to deny that he is a talented offensive coordinator.

I would fully endorse Rex Ryan hiring Norv Turner, a move that I had hoped to see a year earlier, but was unable to come to fruition after the Chargers surprisingly decided to bring him back for a sixth and final season.

For two teams playing mostly for pride, with the postseason out of reach, it might be worth keeping on eye on Turner’s playcalling today, as he tries to get the better of Ryan, something he’s struggled with in his career.

As the old saying goes. If you can’t beat ’em… join ’em.


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