Arian Foster's Heart Problem Worth Watching

By Andy Schmidt
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday was an opportunity for the Houston Texans to be able to clinch home field advantage through the AFC playoffs if they could just beat the Minnesota Vikings. The Texans and their fans though held their breath after Arian Foster left the game with an irregular heartbeat and didn’t return as Houston lost the game. This is something that Foster has had looked at and is back to normal but a definite worry as the playoffs begin in two weeks.

What is going to stop Foster from having something like this happen again? I understand that this has happened to Foster before during a practice so it must have been a scary situation for him with it happening during a game. Foster is the obvious key to how far the Texans go in the 2012 National Football League playoffs and any heart ailment is a serious thing to go on with. It will be important for Foster to keep an eye on this and leave any game where this happens again.

If I’m a fan of the Texans though, you have to hope that Foster is truly alright. I’m sure he will try to play this coming week as Houston gets one last shot at getting home field but I’m not positively sure if that is the best course of action. I’m not a doctor and will never claim to be but wouldn’t a week or two off to make sure everything is working correctly and something like this doesn’t happen again sound like the right thing to do? It sounds right to me but it is something to watch.

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