Bears Cheering For Packers? The World is Ending!

Green Bay Packers
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Mayan Calendar predicted the end of the world was supposed to be last Friday. However, the Mayans may have given us an even crueler punishment than death and destruction. If the Chicago Bears beat the Detroit Lions this upcoming Sunday, Bears fans will then have to cheer for *gulp* the Green Bay Packers to defeat the Minnesota Vikings.

I’m trying to justify this as well as I can. For those of you that know me, you know how much I loath everything about the Packers. From their fans to their fake stock sales, there’s nothing I like about that organization. But, I certainly respect the accomplishments of the organization. I also loath the Vikings. I believe this is the one thing Bears and Packers fans can agree upon. For a team that hasn’t ever won anything, the Vikings talk a ton of smack. Having Brett Favre end his career with horns on his helmet also added fuel to that fire. I believe that still leaves a huge mark on the Packers.

So am I going to cheer for Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews III and BJ Raji? Heck no! But I am cheering for bad things to happen to the Vikings. I want fumbles, interceptions, missed tackles, poor blocking, dropped passes etc. I’d like to see the Vikings’ opponent score early and often. I don’t care about the names and the faces, but I do care about the end result.

The Packers are one of the league’s hottest teams and want to erase the ghosts of last season. After finishing 15-1, the Packers were easily beaten at home by the New York Giants in their only playoff game. Many feel this was because the Packers coasted into the playoffs, so they may be taken a different approach this season. Plus, with the opportunity for a first-round bye, this game carries even more importance. On the other hand, the Vikings looked pretty impressive yesterday over the Houston Texans on the road. All I know is that if the Bears beat the Lions, it will be an interesting ride.

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