For The Philadelphia Eagles It All Comes Full Circle

By Evan Crum
Jennifer Stewart-US Presswire

What a fitting end for Andy Reid and Michael Vick. They can both go out together since Nick Foles broke his hand. With that, Vick might get his last start for the  Philadelphia Eagles in the last game of the miserable 2012 season for the Eagles and their fans.

Since Reid signed Vick in 2009 they have been connected. After Vick helped lead the Eagles to the playoffs in 2010, the Eagles placed the franchise tag on Vick. Then the Eagles signed Vick to a six year $100 million contract with $40 million guaranteed. They were so confident in his starting abilities that they traded Kevin Kolb, a player that the Eagles drafted to be their franchise quarterback.

After backup quarterback Vince Young called the Eagles the “dream team” it started to go downhill from there. In the 2011 season the Eagles finished 8-8 besides being the “dream team”. Eagle’s owner Jeffrey Lurie had seen enough. He said that Reid was playing for his job in 2012 and that they had to make the playoffs.

With all of that pressure one would think that Reid and Vick would step up to the plate. Instead, Vick looked terrible in the preseason. Vick then started to get worse as the season wore on. After losing their third straight game fans and media started to pressure Reid to replace Vick with Foles.

Reid used the Lovie Smith excuse. Remember that excuse? When Chicago Bears fans and media started to demand that Rex Grossman be benched, Smith used the “Rex is our quarterback” as an excuse not to bench him. Reid did the same thing despite the Eagles losing two more games under Vick.

It wasn’t until Vick was hurt that Reid finally replaced him with Foles. I find it funny that it all comes full circle for Reid and Vick. Reid will certainly not be back with the Eagles ending his long tenure there. It is unfortunate for the Eagles that it had to end this way.

Reid helped the Eagles get to four straight NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl. All things have to end but for it to end like this is certainly not what Reid or most Eagles fans wanted.

As for Vick he can now go to another team. It will be even more interesting to see who signs Vick. There are plenty of mobile quarterbacks in the NFL now that are more talented and younger than Vick. So, we shall see what happens.

It is just funny that everything comes full circle for a season that the Eagles and their fans would like to forget forever.

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