New York Giants Playoff Scenarios

By jason evans
Josh D. Weiss — US Presswire

After a year of such high hopes, and having a divisional lead for much of the season, it appears that the New York Giants will not be making the playoffs. The only really have themselves to blame for this, with their lackluster play the next two weeks, with the division and the playoffs and everything within their own control.

So here’s how the Giants get in. First of all, they have to beat the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, in what might be Andy Reid’s and Michael Vick’s last game with the club. Secondly, the Minnesota Vikings need to lose to the Green Bay Packers in a game that means a lot to the Packers since they could be the number two seed in the NFC playoffs and earn a bye. Third, the Chicago Bears need to lose to the Detroit Lions. Fourth, the Washington Redskins need to win the NFC East by beating the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night. If any of these things go awry for the Giants, they don’t make the playoffs and will not repeat as Super Bowl Champions.

Got all that? Good. This is reminiscent of the team’s performance in 2010. The Giants were 9-4 going into week 15 and lost by a combined 83-36 score in weeks 15 and 16. They won in week 17, but it didn’t matter because they couldn’t make the playoffs.

We’ve seen this movie before from the Giants. The only hope now is that there’s an alternate ending on the DVD so it’s not so much like years’ past. Merry Christmas everyone.

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