NFL Power Rankings: Arizona Cardinals Lose, but Move Up

By Kase Brammer
Brian Hoyer Arizona Cardinals
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals did not surprise anyone when they lost on Sunday to the Chicago Bears. Their offense cannot compete with anybody in the league. This was apparent when head coach Ken Whisenhunt benched QB Ryan Lindley in favor of Brian Hoyer. Lindley called it just part of his “crash course lesson this season”.

Beyond the nine straight losses in ten weeks, the Cardinals were able to move up three spots over the past couple of weeks in the NFL Power Rankings. They are no longer in the bottom five of the NFL and come in at 26 . Good news for the Cardinals? Not so much, however, a win on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers will give them three wins against top five teams and that is something they can build on going into next season.

It’s hard to look on the bright side of things when the Cardinals have shot themselves in the foot so many times this season. However, the defense on this team has what it takes to be a defensive powerhouse. They have a huge defensive line, athletic linebackers and a secondary that makes even the best quarterbacks stumble. There is hope in the state of Arizona. It just will not be real until the Cardinals sign Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick.

I know a lot of fans do not want him, but the fact is he is exactly what they need. A mobile QB with a lot to prove. WR Larry Fitzgerald pulls a lot of weight in that conversation, so he needs to break into the front office, if necessary, and tell them to make the deal happen. Then, they trade QB Kevin Kolb for a fourth round pick and go get QB Matthew Hasselbeck as a suitable backup. It’s a tall order, but if the Cardinals can pull it off, the future will be a little brighter.

The Cardinals are in the bottom third of the league right now. The NFL Power Rankings do not mean anything outside of the top 13 or 14 teams because the rest are not playoff worthy. However, any sort of positive at the end of the season could be momentum going into next year.

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