Seattle Seahawks Have a Chance for Third Best Finish in Franchise History

By Jake Coburn
Seattle Seahawks - Russell Wilson
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

After finishing with a rather disappointing 7-9 record last year, the Seattle Seahawks have a chance to finish this season with the third best record in their history.

The Seahawks have improved both on the defensive side and especially on the offensive side of the ball with the addition of rookie quarterback Russell Wilson. The young quarterback has quickly become the craze in Seattle with the performances he has put together this season in leading his team to a playoff berth.

Take a look at the past years of the Seahawks before focusing on the end of this season.

Back in 1984, the Seahawks finished with a 12-4 record when they were still apart of the AFC. Seattle made the playoffs winning their wild card game but would go on to lose the divisional game against the Miami Dolphins. At the time this was the most wins in a season in Seahawks history.

Flash forward a couple of decades to the year 2005. This was the most successful season for Seattle, finishing with an impressive 13-3 record and advancing to the Super Bowl. Despite such a great regular season, the Seahawks lost in the Super Bowl to the Pittsburgh Steelers to end their campaign for a championship though some would say it was a game stolen from Seattle.

Continue moving forward to this season. Though Seattle started off slowly, the Seahawks have now won four games in a row and have earned a playoff berth for the 12th time in franchise history. If the Seahawks are able to defeat the St. Louis Rams at home in the last game of the season, Seattle will finish with a regular season record of 11-5. This would be their third best finish in history.

No matter what the outcome is in next week’s game, Seattle has made some noise this season and could make a tradition of winning if the youth on their team can continue to play like they have.

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