The Oakland Raiders' Christmas List

By Jeremy Hayes
Cheerleaders- Jeremy Brevard
Jeremy Brevard- US Presswire

Dear Santa Claus,

The Oakland Raiders are in the need of a miracle for their organization, which means there will be a long Christmas list of things they wish they could have. Well, here you go:

A nice pair of running shoes– apparently having Darren McFadden at running back is not enough for the Raiders. A banged-up season for McFadden, plus a poor run-blocking performance all year by the offensive line, equals one of the worst rushing teams in the NFL.
A book titled: Team Management during the off-season– The Raiders need to be smart and unafraid to clean house this off-season.  The Raiders will hopefully be in the hands of GM Reggie McKenzie, so the team can be shaken inside and out.
A Clutch Gene– Fans and analysts talk about quarterbacks needing to be clutch, but never mention how a team as a whole needs to come through and win games. Nothing seemed to work out for them this year, and they kept finding ways to lose games on both sides of the ball.
A Miracle at quarterback If somehow a highly-rated quarterback appeared in this upcoming draft in 2013, it would be a miracle for the Raiders. This year’s class is weak, and it looks like they may have the third pick overall. The whole Terrelle Pryor dream needs a slap of reality. Some guys can’t handle the NFL, and people forget he was only a third round pick in the supplemental draft.
A time machine- They need to go back and basically do the opposite of what they have done in the past 10 years.

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