Tom Brady Leadership Will Show for New England Patriots

By Sean Rollins
Tom Brady New England Patriots
Melina Vastola-US Presswire


The New England Patriots beat the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday afternoon with a lackluster performance unworthy of a top seed in the AFC.  After the game starting quarterback Tom Brady laid into his teammates about their performance which he deemed unacceptable.  It’s been widely agreed that one of Brady’s most important attributes is his leadership.  That will be put on display next week when the Patriots welcome the Miami Dolphins.

The two weeks prior to Sunday’s win the Patriots attacked their toughest test of the season as they took on the Houston Texans and San Francisco 49ers in back-to-back weeks.  After the two most hyped games of the season the Patriots traveled south to take on the lowly 2-12 Jaguars.  In that game, especially the first half, the Patriots played uninspired and were tied at halftime in a game in which they should have had complete control.

Following the game reports began to surface that Brady intensely yelled at his teammates which could be heard from outside the locker room at Everbank Field.  Players inside the locker room confirmed that Brady did in fact chastise his teammates using several expletives for emphasis.

Anyone who has watched the AFC East champions play this season could tell that the Patriots did not play to the level that they’ve been expected to.  Obviously someone needed to point that out and make sure it doesn’t happen next week when the Patriots have the opportunity to achieve the top seed in the AFC.

Brady has been perceived by most as the ultimate team leader for many years.  A great leader has the respect of all his teammates and is listened to by the group no matter what his opinions are.  If Brady has the respect that most believe, the Patriots will respond in their next game against the Dolphins.  And that question will be answered in the first couple of drives.

The Patriots currently sit as the third seed in the AFC but are within reach of the top seed with one game remaining.  After the team’s lackluster performance Sunday in Jacksonville Brady, the team’s leader, yelled at his teammates mercilessly about the showing.  His true ability as a leader will be shown in the team’s next game, another game they need to win.

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