Washington Redskins: How to Beat the Philadelphia Eagles

By Josiah Turner
Alfred Morris Washington Redskins
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Going into week 11 the Washington Redskins were 3-6 and looked in disarray. However, they were coming off of a bye week and faced a Philadelphia Eagles team that were 3-6 themselves, and struggling even more than the Redskins were.

That game turned the Redskins season around, as they completely dominated the Eagles 31-6. Rookie quarterback Nick Foles was making his first career start for the Eagles, and there was no doubt about it that it was indeed his first start. Foles was pressured time after time, threw two interceptions, and didn’t look as if he would be the answer at QB for Philadelphia.

Including that first meeting against the Eagles, the Redskins have won five straight. Their offense has looked virtually unstoppable, and their defense has started to gain confidence that they can stop people.

Here are the keys to the Redskins extending their win streak to six in a row today:

Run Alfred Run

Let’s be honest here. If the Redskins hadn’t run the ball as well as they have this season, Robert Griffin III may not have had the type of success that he is having. The run game has kept defenses honest, and allows Griffin III to constantly take advantage of using play action to get his receivers open. Alfred Morris should be getting just as much respect as Griffin III has. He has six games this season of 100 or more rushing yards. He is averaging 4.7 yards per carry, and has a total of 1,322 rushing yards on the season. With 195 yards over the next two games, Morris can break the Redskins single-season rushing yards record set by Clinton Portis back in 2005.

Pressure on Foles

In the first meeting between these two teams, the Redskins sacked Foles four times and made it difficult for him to get into a comfort zone. When the Redskins defense can get pressure on the quarterback it helps their struggling secondary. However, for most of the season they haven’t been able to do that. Forcing Foles into making hurried decisions will lead to good things for the Redskins defense.

Force Turnovers

All season the Eagles have been infamous for turning the ball over. It started with Michael Vick leading the offense, now Foles has experienced some of the same pain. In week 11, Foles threw two interceptions and the Eagles turned the ball over a total of three times. As talented of a team they are, turnovers will ruin your chances of winning football games, and the proof has been in the pudding for the Eagles. From the Redskins standpoint, turnovers is what has helped their defense hold it together. If they can force a few turnovers today, they have an outstanding chance of heading into Christmas with a 9-6 record.


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