Washington Redskins On Top? NFC East Not Laughing Now

By Ricky Allen
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Just think, last season at this time, the Washington Redskins were spiraling downward to the ground. A year later, they’re soaring above everyone in the NFC East.

Last season, the Redskins were a joke, and they were ignored. They were left alone to deal with their various problems, from a suspect offensive line, to a quarterback problem that rocked the team to its core.

The Redskins were irrelevant.

Forward to this season: Sweeping their division, and then doubling down on the Philadelphia Eagles – the Redskins have placed themselves on top of the division–something they haven’t done in a very, very, long time.

Enter: the Dallas Cowboys.  The Cowboys are to the Washington Redskins what Lex Luther is to Superman, what Megatron is to Optimus Prime, what Joe Frazier was to Muhammed Ali. You can’t help but love this. Why? Because both teams are two of the most cultured teams in the NFL. They both have a following that surpasses the continental United States, and they both share an immortality that rivals that of Duncan McCleod on “Highlander”.

In fact, when the teams respective fans are in the vicinity of each other, they can almost feel “The Quickening” (You gotta know the TV show to get that joke).

And at the end of this great storyline is the division title. Should the Redskins win, it would put an exclamation mark on the season, and give head coach Mike Shanahan the silence of the critics who thought he, along with the front office, were crazy.

But this isn’t all about Shanahan and Robert Griffin III, this is about the whole team. They’re just different. You don’t just get excited about RG3, you get excited for everyone on that team. I think the reason is because we the fans have waited patiently for an solution that produces positive results and not negative. Yes, it’s taken a lot of changes at the quarterback, running back, and head coach position.  In the end, the Redskins are proving it’s worth it.

And now, even if they don’t win Sunday, no one can say the Redskins are the same team from the 2011 season. That would be illogical and foolish. We also have two types of fans: The fans who are die hard Burgundy and Gold, and those who “don’t like the Redskins, but like RG3”.

There’s space for everyone, and everyone will surely be watching.

I wonder who’s laughing at the Redskins now.

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