Curtain Call for Andy Reid & Michael Vick

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There’s no question that this has been a very difficult year on the Philadelphia Eagles and especially head coach Andy Reid. Reid’s son Garrett was found dead in a dorm room during training camp due to a drug overdose. Reid’s other son has also had issues as well. But the loss of a son set the tone for the Eagles head coach.

Michael Vick has been bad this season. Even after the Eagles got off to a quick start at 3-1. Vick wasn’t sharp. His poor play continued until he finally was benched for rookie quarterback Nick Foles. Last week against the Washington Redskins, Foles broke his throwing hand but finished the game. It has been announced that Vick will start the season finale against the New York Giants.

While the Giants still have an outside shot at the playoffs, nothing would cure the Eagles horrific 4-11 record like knocking off the defending Super Bowl champs and making sure they’re eliminated from the playoffs. While the Chicago Bears can do that with a win on Sunday afternoon, I’m sure the Eagles would like to do the dirty work themselves. It will give them something to build upon for next season.

But more importantly, it will give Reid and Vick one final opportunity with the Eagles. While it’s a forgone conclusion that Vick’s services will be elsewhere next season, Reid will also most-likely be on his way out as well. Nothing would make the two happier than ending their Eagles’ careers than a win over the GMen, Quite frankly, Reid deserves at least something this season. The Eagles have failed miserably on him and it’s been a painful experience watching the league’s longest tenured coach having to deal with this train wreck.

I’m not fully convinced Reid will be fired after the season, but it wouldn’t shock me if it happened either. He’s a very respected man within the organization and may be allowed one more shot at fixing this team. Quite frankly, I think Vick was a curse on Reid’s house that he had no choice but to play as his quarterback. Ever since Vick reentered the league from jail sentence, he’s been forced down fans’ throats by the league as a changed man. But you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Despite some initial success, Vick’s high price tag and lack of consistency crippled the organization. There’s way too much talent on the Eagles for them to be this bad. And Vick was as much the problem as anyone else.

Regardless of the results Sunday, both men will be in football somewhere. It just depends on who’s willing to give them a shot.

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