Fun with Numbers: Green Bay Packers vs Tennessee Titans

By marisawolfe
Jeff Hanisch – USA Today Sports

The Green Bay Packers’ 55-7 beat down of the Tennessee Titans on Sunday was thoroughly enjoyable. Although it really means nothing since it was against the Titans, a victory like that can’t hurt the Packers’ confidence as they roll on towards the playoffs.

Playing the Titans is a panacea for all that ails a football team. If your quarterback is getting sacked too much, if you can’t get your running game going, if you’ve been inconsistent on offense – just play Tennessee; they’ll get your train righted.

As if the score weren’t indicator enough, the statistics from the game show the absolute dominance of the Packers. Now, I know it’s not fair to pick on the Titans because, well, they’re the Titans, but I can’t help but want to run through some of the numbers with everyone. Let’s just call it a Christmas present to myself.

Aaron Rodgers was incredible, completing 71% of his passes for 342 yards and three touchdowns and zero interceptions. He also added one rushing touchdown and one belt celebration.

The Packers’ 460 yards of total offense is impressive, but it’s hard not to focus on Tennessee’s 180 total yards. Don’t most professional teams accidentally gain 180 yards a game? That’s almost 100 yards fewer than the worst NFL team average, the Arizona Cardinals with 263 yards per game.

Green Bay should pat themselves on the back for committing just one penalty in the game. Even Tennessee limited themselves to only five penalties after committing 14 the previous week.

The Green Bay offensive line mercifully only allowed one sack on Rodgers, giving him a little rest from his weekly pinata routine.

While the Packers averaged 8.6 yards per pass, the Titans’ average was 3.4 yards per pass. Yikes. Even Arizona averages 5.5 yards per pass. (A little off topic, but I just want to repeat that: Arizona averages 5.5 yards per pass. FOR THE SEASON.)

The Packers notched 28 first down while the Titans managed only 10. And that’s with the Packers only converting 2-of-11 third downs. I don’t want to bring down Packer fans while we’re all enjoying the team’s awesomeness, but I do feel like someone needs to acknowledge the fact that the Packers went 2-for-11 on third downs against the Tennessee Titans! Ugh, let’s move along.

Green Bay was quite efficient in the redzone, going 6 for 7. They scored on nine of their 13 possessions.

This is kind of mean, but kind of awesome. Here’s what Tennessee’s first 13 possessions looked like: punt, punt, punt, interception, interception, downs, punt, halftime, punt, punt, punt, downs, punt.

Ryan Grant, in his first start of the season, ran for 80 yards and two touchdowns on 20 carries. The Packers run game has three rushing touchdowns, which was nice to see.

Receiver James Jones held onto his league lead in touchdown receptions with 13.

Even kicker Mason Crosby went 2/2 on field goals! Yay, Mason! He had lots of practice kicking Sunday with 7 PATs. It was fantastic to see him go 100% and snap a streak of eight games with a missed field goal.

Again, I don’t think this game means anything for the Packers, but it sure was fun!

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