RGIII Is Worth his Weight in Gold

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

I saw Robert Griffin III‘s second preseason game against the Chicago Bears. I was very excited to see last year’s Heisman Trophy winner play against NFL competition. And while it was a preseason game, I left thinking that the Washington Redskins signal caller held onto the football a bit too long and wasn’t confident with his throws. That being said, you could see that there was the makings of a good quarterback. Boy, was I way off base. He’s a great quarterback and his learning curve and development were off-the-charts.

RGIII is not only amongst a group of incredible young quarterbacks, he’s playing like one of the best quarterbacks in football.  He’s second in passer rating (104.1) behind Aaron Rodgers (106.2). He’s also 21st overall in rushing (752). After what appeared to be a devastating knee injury, RGIII missed one game and completely changed his game becoming more of a pocket passer with success. He led the Redskins to a key victory over the Philadelphia Eagles and a shot at the playoffs and even more shockingly, a NFC East title. He’s made one of the league’s oldest and in more recent times, irrelevant franchises, relevant again.

It’s hard not to like RGIII. He’s a classy guy that makes the game of football fun. His coach and the team’s general manager, Mike Shanahan, gave up a lot to move up in the draft for his services, and what seemed like a terrible move at the time has turned into gold for the Redskins. If the Redskins do make the playoffs (and they can do this with a win over the Dallas Cowboys, or losses by the Bears and Minnesota Vikings), it is one heck of a story. And based on the view from my seats, the script couldn’t be any better for a classy kid like RGIII.

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