Silly NFL, Christmas is for Kobe Bryant

By Kase Brammer
Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, so that is not totally true. However, when Los Angeles Lakers SG Kobe Bryant plays on Christmas Day he will be just 29 points away from the most all time on games scheduled for the 25th of December. When a fan thinks of Christmas day games over the past decade or so, the man that comes to mind is the Black Mamba. He will make his 15th Christmas day appearance, only adding to his glorious NBA career.

The NFL does have a history of scheduling games on Christmas day, but it usually only happens when Christmas falls on a Sunday. The NFL avoids the game at all cost and for good reason. They have received a lot of backlash from fans saying they are interfering with the holiday. When the NFL does schedule a game, it is usually late and past the time most families have their Christmas dinner.

As much as I would love to see the Seattle Seahawks or Peyton Manning on Christmas day, I know it would just distract me from the holiday. My family would have to drag me away from the TV just to open presents. It would be an ugly fight, especially considering I would cheat to win. Bryant does not distract me from Christmas, he lets me know it’s the perfect day. It’s almost like Bryant is apart of my family. That is an exaggeration, but my point is made.

Bryant has not experienced the most success on Christmas. He is just 5-9 on the day and averages less points per game than his NBA career, but the essence of Christmas in my lifetime is Kobe. The NFL could compete with the holiday without question, but the NFL’s day is Thanksgiving and they know it. A crazy amount of fans put football ahead of it and it’s unfair to families that believe the holiday is there for a reason. However, eating too much and football is just as much apart of Thanksgiving, as getting spoiled and Kobe on Christmas.

Bryant’s career is famous. From his problems off the court, to his Hall of Fame career on the court. He is a show by himself. The man has five rings. He may be stuck on that for his lifetime as a player, but the fact is he has enjoyed nothing but success as an individual player. Christmas should be a time to celebrate the greatest player since Michael Jordan.

Fans will see football on Christmas day, but it probably won’t be until 2016. Do you know why? It’s because Christmas is for Kobe. The Trix rabbit will tell you the real deal.

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