Beanie Wells Should Just Be Quiet

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The 2012 National Football League season draws to a close this weekend and it sounds like there is one player who is outspoken about looking for a new address in 2013 in Arizona Cardinals running back Beanie Wells. Wells has made it clear that he is auditioning for the other 31 NFL teams in this weekend’s season finale even though he is under contract for another season in Arizona. This really sounds like a player that is upset about being benched last week after fumbling near his own end zone.

Wells is a good running back, nothing terribly special though and could fit in with any number of teams in a reserve role. I can’t think of many teams that would make Wells their lead running back for 2013 however. Wells can easily be the lead runner in Arizona if he wanted to but the team I’m sure is ready to move on now too. Could Wells find a place with the Green Bay Packers or someone like that? It’s possible but not likely.

Wells should have just kept his mouth shut to the media about this though. It isn’t going to be good for him in free agency that he is a loose cannon that lets his emotions run free and doesn’t keep his problems with the team in the locker room. Hopefully Wells does realize though that he probably won’t be getting a starting job again at least right now. Wells would make a terrific backup or secondary runner for a team who could then make him the starter at some point but for now, Wells should just be quiet and finish the season on a positive note.

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