Green Bay Packers' James Jones A Hero?

By AJEnno
Benny Sleu-USA TODAY Sports

If I were to tell you that Green Bay Packers receiver James Jones would lead the league in touchdown receptions going into week 17, what would you have said? You would probably be laughing so loud you wouldn’t be able to say anything. But that’s just what has transpired this season as Jones has been the unlikely hero for the Packers.

Since Jones was drafted in 2007, Packer fans have had a love/hate relationship with the receiver. During his career he’s made some miraculous catches, accompanied by some bonehead drops. One drop that sticks out, is a perfect pass Aaron Rodgers delivered to Jones in the Super Bowl that would’ve went for a 50 yard touchdown; Jones dropped it. In the off-season there were rumors swirling that the Packers had traded Jones to the Miami Dolphins. I’ll admit that I wouldn’t have minded the move. Now I’m  thankful to eat crow, as Jones has been the Packers most dependable touchdown catcher all year.

Jones leads the league with 13 touchdown receptions, with only 53 receptions and 722 yards receiving. The fact that he’s garnered 13 touchdowns on only 53 receptions speaks volumes. He seems to be Rodgers go to guy in the red zone when a tough grab is needed. This offense is filled with nothing but skilled positional guys. Each receiver has his own talent and ways to contribute to the team. Jones is becoming the possession receiver in the red zone.

It’s also surprising that Jones is leading the league in touchdowns, because he totally disappeared in certain games this season going 6 games without TD receptions and in the week 2 game against the Chicago Bears he garnered -1 yards on 2 receptions, and Jones failed to record a reception in the week 12 match up against the New York Giants. However, he has had 4 multiple touchdown games including a 3 touchdown performance against the Chicago Bears in week 15.

Jones has come a long way in his career, and I believe this season has earned Jones a long term spot on this roster. We will see if Rodgers continues to go to Jones in the post season, which could be a defining factor in this teams quest for a championship.

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