NFL Rumors: Should the New York Jets Bring Back Bill Parcells as a Consultant?

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After a second straight season on the outside looking in, many within the New York Jets organization are just biding their time until the NFL season draws to a close, waiting to find out what the future holds.

Incumbent general manager Mike Tannenbaum is firmly on the hot seat after the Jets failed to make the playoffs the past two years, and there are multiple reports that the Jets are already searching for his successor.

About a month ago, I floated out the possibility that Tannenbaum would be reassigned within the Jets’ front office at season’s end, rather than outright fired, and it appears that the Jets do prefer to keep him around in some capacity.

However, it will be somewhat difficult to hire a new GM who doesn’t mind sharing responsibilities with Tannenbaum, although that was precisely what the Jets did with Tannenbaum and his predecessor, Terry Bradway.

This week, one Jets beat reporter opined that owner Woody Johnson should try to hire former head coach/general manager Bill Parcells (above, right ) as a consultant to aid him in his search for a new GM.

Parcells has a long, impressive NFL résumé that includes a stint as Jets coach and general manager in the late ’90s, and two Super Bowl championships as head coach of the New York Giants in 1986 and 1990.

However, with all due respect, I really don’t think it’s wise to bring in Parcells for a decision of this magnitude.

While Parcells is certainly an accomplished football czar, the latter part of his career has been a little lacking. He never did bring a Super Bowl appearance to the Jets, and his teams haven’t won a playoff game since 1998.

After his stint with the Jets, he coached the Dallas Cowboys for four seasons and then worked in the Miami Dolphins organization from 2008 to 2010, with limited success. There was no grand turnaround for either team.

There’s certainly no doubting his football acumen, but at 71-years-old, relying on Bill Parcells to help turn a team around doesn’t seem like the wisest idea. There’s no harm in asking his opinion, but a consultant role is a bit much.

The upside to bringing in Parcells is that he’s one guy who certainly could work alongside Mike Tannenbaum. Parcells was one of Tannenbaum’s biggest influences when the two worked together in the Jets front office.

For the Jets to find a new GM, they’ll likely have to completely cut ties with Tannenbaum. Even Parcells is unlikely to find a strong candidate to run the Jets’ football operations while also sharing responsibilities with Tannenbaum.

While it’s not the worst idea in the world, bringing in Parcells in any official capacity doesn’t seem like a step in the right direction. The Jets need to move forward, not backwards. The ship has sailed on the Big Tuna.


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