NFL Rumors: Will Dallas Cowboys' DeMarcus Ware Play This Weekend?

By Ben Grimaldi


Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

In a season full of injuries, the Dallas Cowboys are lucky the multiple ailments outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware has sustained hasn’t caused him to miss a game. Injuries to his hamstring, neck, shoulder and now his elbow haven’t been enough to stop Ware from suiting up.

This week, as the Cowboys head into a win or go home game with the Washington Redskins, they expect Ware to suit up once again and give the defense as much help as he can. Here is what Jason Garrett had to say about Ware’s availability;

“He’ll battle through anything…He’s been dealing with a few different things over the course of the season, a hamstring, an elbow, a shoulder, all those things, and he just somehow, someway, gets himself ready to play in a ballgame.”

In other words, DeMarcus Ware will play, but for how long and how affective he can be are the only questions?

The Cowboys defense has missed the production from Ware, especially because of all the other injuries at linebacker for the team this season. Can you imagine where the Dallas defense would be without Anthony Spencer?

With Ware being limited, the Cowboys have been giving Victor Butler more playing time. Butler is known as a pass-rushing specialist, but he doesn’t command the same amount of attention from the offense that Ware does.

While the Cowboys defense misses the menacing presence of Ware from year’s past, they have adjusted to losing him for portions of the game. Just like a number of his teammates, Ware is toughing out the season in order to help the Cowboys secure a playoff spot.

The Cowboys are expecting Ware to play and we can only hope he makes a few plays to help the Cowboys bring home a division title.

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