Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman Not Making The Pro Bowl Is A Joke

By Riley Schmitt
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Sherman has continued to show that he is one of the best cornerbacks in football. However, the Seattle Seahawks star has been dealing with issues revolving around a positive PED test. That factor apparently led to him being snubbed from the Pro Bowl, which is an absolute joke.

Sherman was third in the fan vote, so this means that his supposed positive test hurt him with the coaches and his peers.  That means this process is an absolute joke.  Sherman is one of the best shutdown corners in football.  If the Pro Bowl is supposed to be for the best players in the game,  Sherman needs to be there.  He has been a main cog in a defense that has made Seattle an extremely tough team to play.

If Sherman does end up losing his appeal, all of this is for naught.  However, he should have made it to begin with.  If the test were to turn up positive, then you could exclude him from making the game.  Keeping him out of the game based on a supposed positive test is simply a joke.

The sooner the league gets rid of the Pro Bowl, the better.  These snubs keep happening year after year and the game itself is a joke.  Get rid of the game so we can avoid stupid things like this happening.

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