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Top 10 Hottest Green Bay Packers

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Top 10 Hottest Green Bay Packers

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Ladies, are you sick of going onto various sport sites to find out a score or catch up on rumors only to be bombarded by ads and sidebar links featuring some scantily-clad co-ed with low self-esteem?

Hey, I just wanted to find out who won the game. I wanted to check my favorite quarterback’s stats. You know what I couldn’t care less about? The hottest WAGs from my team. The hottest cheerleaders in the NBA. The hottest female athletes. Kate Upton.

Typically I just roll my eyes and hope that my boss doesn’t pass my computer at work because he’d totally get the wrong idea, but the inundation and ubiquitousness of buxom ladies on sports sites makes it impossible to ignore.

Frankly, I’ve had enough.

Since I have no control over these sports sites, and the fact that I am probably outnumbered by about 178,423,598 to one on this, I have to accept there’s not much I can do. Maybe it’s time we female sports fan join in on the inanity.

Really, this is tailored for us, ladies. The sports world is full of gorgeous, tough, talented, and exceptionally fit young men, particularly the NFL.

Luckily for me, a huge number of these men happen to play for the Green Bay Packers. It’s awesome that my favorite players from my favorite team are not only super awesome on the field, they’re also very easy on the eyes.

What can I say? A man looks good in Green and Gold.

Here are the Top 10 Hottest Green Bay Packers:

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10. James Jones

Mike Carter - USA Today Sports

I’ll admit that JJ got significantly cuter in my eyes as soon as he started to hang on to catches. Being the league leader in touchdown receptions looks good on a man.

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9. M.D. Jennings

Andrew Weber - USA Today Sports

M.D. Jennings has the nice dreads going for him, but the most noticeable thing about him is his voice. Do yourself a favor and look up an interview with him. His speaking voice honestly sounds like he’s been shot in the abdomen.

Why is this a good thing? I don’t know. I really don’t. I just know I like listening to his interviews.

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8. Casey Hayward

Jeff Hanisch - USA Today Sports

The little rookie is amazingly talented and has an adorable aw shucks shyness about him in his interviews.

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7. Clay Matthews

Benny Sieu - USA Today Sports

Not really my type, but at some point a guy with arms like that becomes every woman’s type. I also am not usually a fan of long hair on a dude, but it’s just soooooo pretty.

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6. Aaron Rodgers

Kirby Lee - USA Today Sports

Piercing blue eyes? Manly, square jaw? Smarts? Cute smile? Dry sense of humor? Incredible, record-setting talent?

Yes, please.

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5. Greg Jennings

Kirby Lee - USA Today Sports

Greg Jennings is not just a very fit, good looking guy, as you can see in his Old Spice commercials. Jennings also combines it by being a super nice guy who spends his time off-field having tea parties with his daughters. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

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4. Charles Woodson

Kirby Lee - USA Today Sports

I don’t know if it’s the reformed bad boy thing, but no one can deny that Woodson is sexy. He’s tough as nails, and doesn’t back down from anyone or anything. He’s become a leader that all the young players look up to and he takes that role seriously. He’s wily on the field and uses his 15 years of experience to make life rough for young quarterbacks who are foolish enough to throw to his side of the field.

Also, I really like his super baritone voice.

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3. Tramon Williams

Jeff Hanisch - USA Today Sports

Tramon Williams is an awesome cornerback because of his preparation, instincts, and physical talents. I’m also pretty sure receivers have a tough time against him because they’re often blinded by his dazzling smile. I can’t blame them. I would find it very hard to concentrate, too, if I were matched up against this stud.

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2. Randall Cobb

Brett Davis - USA Today Sports

Have you seen his eyes? His smile? His arms? His eyes? Randall Cobb is amazingly talented as a receiver, punt returner, kick returner, and tailback. He leads the league in all-purpose yards and always finds a way to the endzone, but whenever I see him, all I can think about is how gorgeous his eyes are.

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1. Jordy Nelson

Brett Davis - USA Today Sports

Look, you either get this or you don’t. Jordy Nelson is my favorite Packer and I think he’s super hot. Maybe it’s the wholesome Midwestern girl in me that is drawn to this Kansas country farmboy. Despite his fame and success, Jordy never seeks the spotlight. He plays at the league’s most diva position, but Nelson shuns individual attention, always putting the team first. He’s always the first to congratulate his fellow receivers when they score and he always gives his all to the blocking game, an area few receivers relish.

Combine that with incredibly sculpted arms and an adorable smile, Nelson’s my #1.