Top Six Pro Bowl Snubs Of The 2012 NFL Season

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The Pro Bowl is typically one of the biggest wastes of time in football and 2012 is no different. The game itself is not fun to watch and the players really do not try their best. If it was not for incentive bonuses in contracts, I think players would be fine with missing the game. That being said, there are some players that do deserve to be going to Hawaii. That means we are bringing you our top six Pro Bowl snubs for 2012.

You are going to recognize most of the players on the list. One of the could be the MVP if things ended up breaking right. Another has turned his squad into one of the most feared heading into the playoffs. Another does his dirty work in the trenches while one is putting up tremendous kicking numbers. The final two just so happen to be the best cornerback in football from 2012 and possibly the most consistent safety. That means there are some heavy hitters on this list that are not going to Hawaii.

This list is certainly not complete and I know that there are a lot more snubs out there. If you feel you have a player that could make the team, let us know in the comment section. A lot of discussion about this topic could end up being the good thing. If the league finds out how much people really hate the whole process, they may end up dropping the whole thing. It is a long shot, but you never know what public outrage can bring.

I think we could make a pretty good roster out of the guys that did not make the game. You will see more lists out there and these guys combined with those could make one heck of a squad.

With all of that being said, it is time to get to the list. These six guys have had tremendous seasons and they should be representing their side in Hawaii. The fact that they are not are simply criminal.

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Russell Wilson: Seattle Seahawks QB


The NFC has a lot of quarterbacks, so Wilson getting left out isn't that shocking. However, he has helped turn this team into an absolute force. Heading into the playoffs, I can not think of one team that would enjoy taking on the Seattle Seahawks. If they go on a deep playoff run, I think Wilson will be fine with missing the Pro Bowl.

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Justin Tucker: Baltimore Ravens K


Blair Walsh gets a lot of hype as the best rookie kicker, but Tucker has outclassed him this year. Hard to believe but it is true. The fact that he did not make the roster is extremely troubling. Then again it is also a sign that the game is a joke. The dude has made 93.5 percent of his kicks. Simply a joke that he is not going to Hawaii.

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Eric Weddle: San Diego Chargers FS


Weddle has a very good argument to be a Pro Bowler. He is nearing 100 tackles on the season and he has helped force numerous turnovers. On the suck fest that has been the San Diego Chargers, he has been a lone bright spot. Less deserving players made the game ahead of him, which is criminal. Somehow, he needs to find a way to the game.

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John Sullivan: Minnesota Vikings C

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Sullivan has played a big role in making sure Adrian Peterson has plenty of room to run. The fact that he is not on the team sucks, but there is something much worse. The man that made it ahead of him is Jeff Saturday. Saturday is a tremendous guy but the dude just got benched. How is going over Sullivan?

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Richard Sherman: Seattle Seahawks CB


If Sherman is not making the team because of his rumored PED failure, that is a crime. He has been the best corner in football and you can take that to the bank. He should be representing his squad in Hawaii. I would personally drop Patrick Peterson from the squad. The Chicago Bears duo has just been too good this year.

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Andrew Luck: Indianapolis Colts QB


Here is the grand daddy of them all. Luck is having a great year and he will end up in the MVP conversation. The fact that he is not going to the Pro Bowl is pretty hilarious. There are some good QBs in the AFC but who in their right mind would take Matt Schaub over him? I would bet those people are pretty much non-existent.