2012 Philadelphia Eagles Produce Zero Pro Bowlers: A Truly Embarrassing Feat

By Joe Doris
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It doesn’t get much worse for NFL teams than when they fail to send a single player to the Pro Bowl.

Even though the selection process for the Pro Bowl produces some questionable picks every season, it is still largely regarded as a mark for a very solid year. But being chosen for the NFL’s coveted All-Pro roster is the most accurate and credible honor of regular season supremacy.

Well, the entire Philadelphia Eagles 53-man squad was snubbed from this year’s Pro Bowl, after posting a horrifying 4-11 record with one game left in an injury-plagued season.

Eagles LG Evan Mathis was one player on the team who had a chance at winning a roster spot, but did not quite do enough. The only other Eagles who really had a shot at making the Pro Bowl were LB DeMeco Ryans and K Alex Henery, but both were deemed unworthy.

There is a good chance that the Eagles will end up squeezing at least one representative onto the Pro Bowl lineup considering many players choose not to compete in the game due to recent injuries, or even the concern of possibly getting injured in the game itself.

The goose egg in Pro Bowl selections for the Eagles is just salt in the already gaping wound that will stand as their 2012 regular season campaign.

The last time the Eagles were left completely off the Pro Bowl roster was in 1998, which was ironically the year before head coach Andy Reid began his tenure with the birds.

Fortunately for the Eagles, they were not alone in their misery, as seven other NFL teams also failed to send a player to Hawaii. Considering the Pro Bowl voting process consists of votes from fans, player and coaches, you would think that every team would be able to send at least someone.

As the Eagles were already sure to get rid of Coach Reid at season’s end, this team-wide Pro Bowl snubbing certainly does not help his cause by any means.

Hopefully for the sake of pride alone, the Eagles will send at least one player to this year’s Pro Bowl when all is said and done.


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