2013 NFL Draft: Gem of the Week- Devin Taylor

By Jeremy Hayes
Devin Taylor- Kim Klement
Kim Klement- US Presswire


The defensive line in the NFL is evolving into a need of tall, big, and fast athletes at defensive end. South Carolina Gamecock Devin Taylor fits the role perfectly.

Taylor stands at 6-7, and weighs in at 267 pounds. He is projected to be drafted around the fifth or sixth round in the 2013 NFL Draft, but it won’t be a shock if you see someone take a risk on the large red-shirt senior.

Why is his stock so low?

There are a lot of eye-opening players in this upcoming draft, which means it will be expected to see more flashy players being drafted early on in the draft. Taylor offers plenty of talent, but many scouts and reporters feel that he has not lived up to the hype of his sophomore year.

With defensive end star Jadeveon Clowney opposite of Taylor, many think Taylor should have been more effective on the line.


Taylor is not a sack machine like Clowney, nor is he flashy, but he is the player who will break the pocket and put pressure on the quarterback. He is also the initial guy who will slow down the running back or even bring him down. Taylor is a very versatile lineman who can even play inside at defensive tackle.

A big concern is Taylor’s lack of agility and has a problem of being too “stiff.” It is also said he is almost too tall to be effective against shorter offensive tackles.

Well, say “hello” to the NFL, where offensive tackles are the same height. Taylor can become great while working against the line, and become a starter in the NFL.

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