Cleveland Browns: The Formula To Defeating The Pittsburgh Steelers

By Ryan Ruiz
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Nothing changes from a month ago. This game is going to be physical and most likely played in the cold. The Cleveland Browns will have to deal with the annoying fair weather Pittsburgh Steelers fans one last time. So what is it going to take for the Browns to grab their sixth win of the season.

It is completely understandable that this game has no meaning from a playoff stand point. However, there are players on both teams that will be playing for jobs next season. Therefore, all hands on deck our going to be needed for the Browns. One big key to winning this football game is finding an unsung hero. Someone in brown and orange must step up and stand out. It is most likely that Brandon Weeden and Trent Richardson will not be playing. Cleveland needs a unexpected performance from someone out of nowhere. Guys like Montario Hardesty, Travis Benjamin, LJ Fort, or Craig Robertson would be the types of players I’m talking about.

The Browns did it before so why not continue to do it this week. Cleveland must continue to rip and claw for the football when it’s in a ball carriers’ hands. The good guys forced each Steelers’ running back to cough the ball up last time the played each other. You can be sure the Steelers will be trying to do that to Cleveland. While forced fumbles are essential for the Browns, protecting the ball on offense is just as important.

Keep the tired and beat up defense off the field. This will be done with long offensive drives. It will be bad and hard enough because the Browns are going to be missing half of their starting secondary. The Cleveland defense is still trying to recover from the thin Colorado air. Adding fuel to the fire, only eight other NFL teams give up more yards (373.9/game) than the Browns.

Last week against Peyton Manning, the Browns gave him all day to throw the football. Cleveland must not let Ben Roethlisberger have the same results. The Steelers offensive line is nowhere near as good as the Denver Broncos‘ o-line, so I expect the orange and brown to get pressure on the Steelers’ veteran QB.

Play for pride. I want to see every Browns’ player give everything they have and leave it all out on the field on Sunday. The easiest way to earn Browns fans’ respect is to play hard and represent the the city on your uniform with dignity. It has been a long season and just finish strong.

At this point, it seems new ownership and management is going to deconstruct the team all around. This makes the game that much more important for Browns fans across the world. Let’s just beat Pittsburgh.


Ryan Ruiz – Cleveland Browns Writer

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