Henry Melton Doesn’t Like Detroit Lions, Likes to Run Mouth

By Chris Katje
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

I wish you could see my surprised face right now, as once again the Detroit Lions were called “dirty” by someone. In this week’s episode of people afraid of the 4-11 Lions appears Chicago Bears defensive tackle Henry Melton.

When asked about the upcoming matchup against the Detroit Lions, Melton first had this to say, “I don’t want to say anything because I don’t like Detroit.” Melton then apparently couldn’t keep his mouth shut and decided to lash out at the Bears NFC north rivals. “They’re dirty, they’ve always been a dirty team since I’ve been here. They just try to do all this extra stuff; talking, little cheap shots,” Melton would go on to say.

Melton, who attended the University of Texas, has had a stellar 2012 season. The defensive tackle has 41 tackles, six sacks and two forced fumbles. The Bears players was also recently named to the 2013 Pro Bowl, in a surprising nod ahead of Lions defensive star Ndamukong Suh. However, Melton was also fined $8,000 in a game for a “dirty” move of grabbing Adrian Peterson’s facemask. Melton had the classy move of mocking the Green Bay Packers Clay Matthews earlier in the season when he sacked Aaron Rodgers.

With the Bears poor offensive line, here’s hoping that Suh has the better game and shows why he should have been selected for the Pro Bowl over Melton. The Lions players must have been particularly dirty towards Melton in the first matchup of the season as the Pro Bowler only managed three tackles and one hit on quarterback Matthew Stafford. The Bears defense sacked Stafford three times and ultimately helped the team win the game with an interception and three fumble recoveries. The Lions gained more yards than the Bears in the game, but failed to score until the fourth quarter. Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was sacked five times by the Lions defense and only passed for 150 yards.

The Bears need a win against the Lions in Week 17 to have any chance of making the 2012 NFL Playoffs. Chicago will also be counting on division rival Green Bay Packers to beat the Minnesota Vikings, who hold the tie-break against the Bears for the Wild Card playoff spot. Perhaps, Melton should stop talking about the Lions and worry about winning the game so his team can make the postseason. After all, Melton is a free agent and this could be his last Playoffs with the Bears.

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