Indy Defense Has Had No Answers For #23

By Corey Walker
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Arian Foster has had many big games thus far in his four year NFL career. No team can attest to that more than the Indianapolis Coltswho have had a nightmare trying to stop him over the past three seasons. There must be something about seeing that horseshoe that causes Foster to gallop past, through and around Colts defenders like a wild horse running loose in a stable.

Foster has played four career games against the Colts. He has topped 100 yards rushing in all four games. His four game rushing total vs Indy is as follows: 98 carries, 656 yards, 6.7 ypc , and 5 touchdowns. He is a serious problem for the Colts defense. He doesn’t just run on them, he gashes them for huge chunks of yardage. His average long run in those four games is a whopping 34 yards.

Those totals could be higher, but luckily for Indianapolis he missed the season opener against the Colts last season with a hamstring injury. Here is a game by game recap of how Foster has dominated the Colts defense.

– 09/12/10 Reliant Stadium: 33 carries, 231 yards, 7.0 ypc, a long run of 42, and 3 touchdowns – Who could forget this game by Foster. It was the 2010 season opener, and Foster’s first season opening start after starting the last three games of his rookie season in 2009. All he did was burst into the scene with an opening day NFL record 231 yards. That’s all. Indy could not tackle him, and the Texans won 34-24. It is still a career high rushing total for Foster.

– 11/01/10 Lucas Oil Field: 15 carries, 102 yards, 6.8 ypc, a long run of 33 and 1 touchdown – In his ‘worst’ game against the Colts, Foster still managed to hit the century mark on only 15 carries. He was once again shredding the Indy defense, but got minimal carries because the Texans fell behind early and became pass happy. For good measure, he added 9 receptions for 65 yards, but the Texans comeback on Monday Night Football fell short, 31-17.

– 12/22/11 Lucas Oil Field: 23 carries, 158 yards, 6.9 ypc, a long run of 30 and 1 touchdown – In another prime-time game in Indianapolis, this time on Thursday Night Football, Foster once again had a monster game at Lucas Oil Field. It was his season high rushing total in 2011, and capped his 2011 regular season, as he sat out the season finale the following week. The Colts came from behind and beat the Texans 19-16 on a touchdown pass in the final seconds.

– 12/16/12 Reliant Stadium: 27 carries, 165 yards, 6.1 ypc, a long run of 31 and no touchdowns –  Just 11 days ago, Foster yet again carved up the Colts defense. Indy finally managed to contain him in the first half, but he exploded for 130 yards in the second half, including 75 on the Texans final drive that sewed up the game. Houston won 29-17 to clinch the AFC South.

After all the success Foster has had against them, and the fact that the Kansas City Chiefs just gashed them for over 300 yards last week, it’s safe to say run defense will be a major emphasis for Indy this week. It may not matter however, if history is any indication, Foster will have a monster game Sunday.



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