Kansas City Chiefs: 7 Round 2013 NFL Mock Draft

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Kansas City Chiefs 7 Round Mock Draft

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The 2013 NFL Draft might still be nearly 4 months away, but the time to start digging deep into the prospects is now. Every team has specific needs that are starting to surface whether it’s caused by a lack of talent or an impending loss of a player due to contract restrictions.

This is 1 part of a 32 part series where I will break down a full 7 round mock draft for every NFL team. I am doing this based on several factors. First is their relative position in the draft. After the end of the regular season the top of the order will be set and as each weekend of NFL playoffs end more teams will be set in place for their picks. Second is based on team needs. I’ve gone to great lengths to get as much input from fans for this as possible, but I have to be honest, some fans don’t know their teams as well as they think they do. This will also included any traded or forfeited picks, but by all means if you see I missed a pick that was traded for or away, post it in the comments below so I know.

I am going to start at the top of the draft order and give you all 3 or so a week until we’ve covered all 32 teams.

First up are the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs have had a season that goes well beyond forgettable and Chiefs fans have become more than frustrated with the current regime. The future almost certainly promises to mean a new head coach and with that a new quarterback. There has been a lot of talk about whether or not the Chiefs should use the top overall pick on a quarterback in this class. While I definitely agree this is not a star studded quarterback group, unless they can trade out of the no. 1 spot, I don’t see where they really have a choice but to draft one.

In addition to these team specific mock drafts, I will be updating my 1 round mock draft regularly here on Rant Sports, along with full scouting reports on the top prospects, so keep an eye out for those and follow on Twitter @nfldraftboard for all my other football ramblings.

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First Round-Tyler Wilson, QB Arkansas

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I fully expect the Chiefs to do everything in their power to upgrade their quarterback position this offseason. Whether that's making a move for a veteran, or in the draft, an upgrade has to happen for this team to be competitive. Putting Wilson in this spot shows that even if it comes to taking a quarterback No. 1 overall they will do it.

Wilson is a much better quarterback than this season showed. There may not be a quarterback in all of college football who elevates the play of others like he does. He will have an opportunity this offseason to prove to teams he's healthy and that he's still go all the tools he showed as a junior.

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Second Round-David Amerson, CB North Carolina State

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At the start of the year Amerson was very much a first round prospect, but with changes on the NC State defense Amerson was in a tougher spot and it took him several games to get his feet under him. But make not mistake he's got excellent ball skills and solid technique.

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Third Round-Arthur Brown, LB Kansas State

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With all the problems the Chiefs had this season, not the least of which was losing their starting inside linebacker Jovan Belcher when he chose to take his own life after murdering his girlfriend. Brown is a grossly underrated player who'd be a perfect fit in the middle of either a 3-4 or 4-3, depending on which direction the new staff goes in.

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Fourth Round-Quinton Patton, WR La. Tech

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By next April I'm not sure if the Chiefs will be able to get Patton this late, but for now I'm leaving him here. Patton is a long lean athlete with great reach and excellent athletic ability. He'd be an excellent deep target for whoever is under center next year.

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Fifth Round-Khaled Holmes, C USC


There was a time when Holmes was the top center in this draft and a day two pick, but he's dealt with some injuries and inconsistent play and because of that he falls here. But that's not to say he can't still be a strong starter in the NFL, because the potential is there.

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Sixth Round-Kenny Tate, S/LB Maryland

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Tate is sort of a throw in pick here. I've always been impressed with Tate's physical gifts even if he is sort of a man without a position in the NFL. This late in the draft if Tate turns out to be nothing more than a special teams star he's a worth pick. I think with proper coaching he can be a solid run heavy safety as well.

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Seventh Round-David Bass, DE Missouri Western

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Bass is a small school sleeper who's had a very strong season and opened a lot of eyes. The interesting thing about Bass to the Chiefs is with his frame he can stay in the 275lb range and rush off the edge as a strong side defensive end in a 4-3, but he could also hold 15 more quality pounds and play that run stopping defensive end in a 3-4.

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