Surprise, Surprise: Mark Sanchez Back as the New York Jets' Starting Quarterback

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Mark Sanchez Starts Again
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Thursday afternoon, New York Jets quarterback Greg McElroy revealed to the team that he didn’t feel quite right, and Jets trainers discovered that McElroy suffered a concussion in his first NFL start last weekend.

That means… well… you guessed it! Mark Sanchez is back, folks.

Yes, the Jets’ former franchise quarterback, benched for good just a week ago, is back in the lineup as the starting quarterback for the Jets’ Week 17 regular season finale against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

Tim Tebow fans have no right to gripe. Tebow earned exactly what he deserved. Absolutely nothing.

The Jets don’t have a vendetta against Tebow. Far from it. They wanted desperately for Tebow to bring something of value to the table, and he failed miserably. That’s why the Jets are going back to Sanchez, by default.

Yes, Mark Sanchez gives the Jets “the best chance to win” by default, as the only healthy quarterback on the roster.

Both the Jets and Bills are already eliminated from playoff contention, which means that there’s nothing really on the line for either team other than the future draft order in next April’s draft.

However, Sanchez now has a chance to create some semblance of meaning in an otherwise meaningless game.

If Sanchez has another game against Buffalo like the one he had in Week 1, (70.4% completions, three touchdown passes, 123.4 quarterback rating) he can, at the very least, rebuild some potential trade value for this off-season.

It’s no secret that the Jets would like to completely revamp their array of quarterbacks in 2013, and McElroy might be the only quarterback on the roster who the Jets actually want to bring back next year.

Trading Sanchez’s $8 million guaranteed contract probably becomes more feasible if he carves up the Bills again, but let’s be honest. Even a perfect game in Week 17 is still only going to be a perfect game in Week 17.

Nevertheless, the Jets’ best case scenario is Sanchez having a good game, upping his trade value from “untradeable” to “somewhat tradeable.” Ouch. It’s just been that kind of year for the Jets.

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