New York Jets are Right to Start Mark Sanchez

By Christopher Gamble


The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets have announced that Greg McElroy has a concussion and Mark Sanchez will start in his place, bypassing Tim Tebow. Is this a slight to Tebow or is it the Jets merely thinking about next season?

Tebow has made it no secret in the last week that he is disappointed with the Jets and how he has been utilized. Rumors floated about that Tebow even asked to be taken out of the wildcat offense last week against the San Diego Chargers and wide receiver Jeremy Kerley was put in that position, completing one pass for 42 yards.

Tebow has since denied he asked out of the wildcat and Rex Ryan has been mum on the subject. However, it doesn’t make sense for the Jets to start Tebow.

Mark Sanchez might very well be on the Jets next season. His $8.25 million contract, all of which is guaranteed, might be too hard to move, even in a quarterback starved market. However, the market for quarterbacks this off-season might not be as big as one expects and there might be several options to choose from like Kirk Cousins, Matt Flynn, and Alex Smith either through trade or free agency. If Mark Sanchez is going to be a part of the team next season and Tim Tebow is not, why would the Jets start Tebow?

The answer is simple, you wouldn’t. Ever since Tebow has been a member of this team the Jets have been reluctant to bring him into games and even more reluctant to allow him to throw the ball. It is quite obvious Rex Ryan doesn’t think of Tebow as a legitimate option at quarterback and has played him at times this season only to keep owner Woody Johnson happy.

Tebow is gone next season. The Jets know it and Tebow knows it. Tebow can’t wait for it. He is itching to leave New York. He played the role of good soldier until he couldn’t anymore, until he was beaten down so much by being passed over that it finally got to him. Or, maybe Tebow wasn’t the great teammate everyone made him out to be.

Either way, even Jets fans have to acknowledge that Mark Sanchez is a better overall quarterback than Tim Tebow and that also has factored into Ryan’s decision. It is also worth noting that Sanchez is Ryan’s guy, the quarterback that he has had his entire time with the Jets. Ryan is faithful to Sanchez. They appeared in back-to-back AFC Championship games together their first two years in New York.

Who knows, maybe Sanchez plays well and shows that he might actually be the quarterback the Jets can rely on. Okay, so that last part might be a bit of a stretch at this point but you never know.

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