New York Jets Make Grave Mistake In Not Starting Tim Tebow In Week 17

By Riley Schmitt
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The circus is about to come to a close in New York. The New York Jets have nothing to play for in Week 17, but they continue to make headlines. Greg McElroy is unable to play in Week 17 so the Jets are turning back to Mark Sanchez. Once again, Tim Tebow gets screwed over by the coaching staff.

This shows that the Jets never wanted anything to do with Tebow.  This is a perfect chance for Tebow to start and show what he can do.  Instead, the Jets turn back to a guy that they benched.  That makes perfect sense.  Actually, it makes zero sense whatsoever.  Then again, the Jets have been a joke all season and this nothing new for them.  Might as well have them play under a circus tent.

I mean, why would you not start Tebow in this game?  You are not playing for anything.  The team can see what Tebow brings and he might surprise a lot of people.  You never know unless you let the kid play an entire game.  Sanchez has already shown his confidence is shattered.  Starting him again is not going to do anything positive for the team going forward.

At least this team only has one game left.  I am not sure that more people have cared about a team that has been a joke all season.  They are getting the headlines that they wanted, even if they are not complimentary in nature.  I guess the old saying holds true:  There’s no such thing as bad press.


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