New York Jets Should Just Start Tim Tebow

By Andy Schmidt
Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets have been a team in disarray all season long with quarterback issues going on the last few weeks with Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow at the forefront of the action. Sanchez will start again this week with Greg McElroy being looked at for a concussion. This leaves Tebow on the outside looking in yet again in New York. It is the last game of the season and the Jets aren’t going anywhere so why not just throw Tebow out there?

How much worse can things get for the Jets anyway? Sanchez was miserable in his starts while McElroy was decent but not great. Tebow came in as a good soldier but has proved in the past couple weeks to be opening his mouth about his lack of play. It is obvious that Tebow isn’t a full-time starting quarterback in the National Football League but for one game when the season is lost, it isn’t going to hurt anyone really in their development at the quarterback position. If the Jets lose, they finish with a higher draft pick which may bring actual help to New York anyway.

Tebow showed in spurts last season that he can run a NFL offense. It wasn’t pretty but it was effective in getting wins. If the Jets turn into a run-first, option offense for one game at the end of the year, who cares? The fans are angry about the direction of the team, the coaches appear to have no clue either and who knows who will be back next year. It’s time to give Tebow a chance to show what he can do.

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