Philadelphia Eagles Guard Evan Mathis Snubbed From Pro Bowl

By Carl Conrad
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles clearly did not have a very good year in 2012. Not only did the team not perform well, but, for the most part, neither did any of the individual players. That lack of success can be seen in the fact that this is only the third time since 1970 that the Eagles did not have even one player selected to the Pro Bowl (the other two times were 1970 and 1998).

The only player from this Eagles team that I feel should have made the Pro Bowl and was snubbed is offensive guard Evan Mathis. Yes, the Philadelphia offensive line was mediocre, at best, this year. Part of that was due to an inordinate amount of injuries, while part of it is because the group simply didn’t perform well. Mathis, however, has played well while being surrounded by a patchwork offensive line all season long. He’s actually one of the few people on the entire team that has played up to the level of his contract.

Mathis has yet to surrender a sack this year and has also prevented rookie quarterback Nick Foles from being hurried in the last four contests. In addition, of the 800 snaps that he has played in 2012, Mathis has only allowed the quarterback to be hit or hurried 16 times (in case you’re wondering, that’s only two percent of the time).

In order for an offensive line, as well as its members, to be successful, there is a certain amount of continuity that is required. That continuity is something the Eagles lacked all year. Despite that, as well as the fact that he has been playing with an ankle injury for the last several games, Mathis has performed incredibly well. It would have been easy for him to sit out and rest the ankle considering the Eagles haven’t  had anything to play for in a while, but Mathis continues to tough it out.


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