Richard Sherman Wins Failed PED Test Appeal, Won't Be Suspended

By Riley Schmitt

Richard Sherman may have just pulled off the unthinkable. The Seattle Seahawks cornerback won his appeal against the NFL. The league ruled that he had failed a drug test, but Sherman successfully appealed the ruling and he will not be suspended for four games.

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I won

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This was the correct move.  Sherman was able to prove that the testing situation was compromised.   His teammate, Brandon Browner, accepted a suspension for the same thing.  However, he did not have the same benefit that Sherman had.  Sherman’s sample was tainted due to the tester not following proper protocol.
This is huge news for the Seahawks.  Sherman has turned into one of the best corners in football and he will not miss a game after this.  I wonder if his threatening to sue the league had anything to do with the appeal being successful.  It may have had nothing to do with it, but I can see the league wanting to avoid a lawsuit from one of its current players.
This is also good news for players that want to appeal down the line.  If you go through the process, you have a chance of winning.  If you make a solid argument, you will be served justice if you are in the right.  Sherman clearly was in this instance.  The league tried to slip the suspension by him but their process was flawed.
Congrats to Sherman on this.  I know that he is going to enjoy this.

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