The New York Giants Should Bring Back Martellus Bennett

By jason evans
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Martellus Bennett seems like he wants to come back to the New York Giants. He said he’d even give them a hometown discount. He even wants to try and bring his brother Michael to the team as well on defense. Is bringing him back a good idea?

Well consider this, the Giants haven’t had the same starting tight end in a season in a couple of years. Last season it was Jake Ballard. The year before that it was Kevin Boss. It would be nice for Eli Manning to have the same starting tight end in back to back seasons for once. This way, he can develop some rapport with him during the offseason as well. Bennett put up some good early numbers this season before a knee injury seemed to slow him down. He could do even better with a full offseason program with Eli. Eli’s been lacking that consistent third option and he’s a better quarterback when he has it.

Also consider this, who else do the Giants really have at tight end anyway? Travis Beckum is going to be a free agent and I don’t see him coming back. He hasn’t been healthy all season to begin with. Bear Pascoe is a free agent as well. He’s not exactly a receiving tight end. The wild card here is Adrian Robinson, who could be used next year. He’s unproven, so it would be pretty hard to count on him to be a consistent target.

So is bringing back Bennett a good idea? Yes, especially at a discount if he is willing to accept it. He could develop a better relationship with Eli and could be a force next year for the club.

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