What's the Problem with the other Bears Wide Receivers?

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Saying Brandon Marshall is the Chicago Bears offensive MVP is like saying that the weather in Chicago is starting to get cold. He’s come to the Bears and given them a legitimate number one wide receiver. He’s been better than advertised and kept his nose clean this season.

But he sees significantly more footballs than his teammates. It is starting to cause concerns (OK, it’s week 17, I am not really sure not much can be done at this point) that the Bears don’t target more receivers. What is the reason for this? Why does quarterback Jay Cutler target one guy?

I have a simple answer; wide receiver coach Darryl Drake. I’ve been screaming for years that this moron has to go, and yet he’s still employed by the Bears. How is it possible that every wide receiver he works with actually becomes worse? I do not count Marshall because he came to Chicago as a complete package, so Drake couldn’t even mess him up. But the lack of fundamentals displayed by Bears receivers is sickening.

If you really want to see how evident this fundamental gap is, watch the Green Bay Packers wide receivers. When Aaron Rodgers rolls out, his receivers come back to the football. They make themselves targets. Packers ends work for the football. How many times have you seen Earl Bennett stay in one spot? Or watch Devin Hester not break off a route even though Cutler has no shot of getting him the football?

Wide receivers need to understand and recognize situations. Instead, Bears receivers are football ignorant. And let’s also be honest; these guys drop way too many passes. So they few times they’re actually open, it becomes a guessing game on if they’ll actually catch the football. With Marshall’s success and the Bears poorly-hidden secret they’re going to throw him the football, you’d think one of the other receivers on the team would get open once in a while. Of course, they don’t.

Look no further than the words of former Bears wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad, who was good for the Carolina Panthers twice and horrible for the Bears. He said, “Chicago is a place where receivers go to die.” And guess who his coach was at the time he said it? Mr. Drake of course, who’s been here since 2004. Does it tell you something that the Bears haven’t had a good or consistent wide receiver in these eight years (minus Marshall)? The Bears have drafted and signed several wide receivers, and all of them have either gotten worse or not really developed at all.

The latest victim of Drake’s will be Alshon Jeffrey. If you continue to let Drake teach this kid football, he will get worse. Life is about patterns, and Drake’s is a bad one. I guess it pays to be pals with the head coach.

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