Atlanta Falcons Take ‘So What’ Approach To Pro Bowl

By Ken Grace
Josh D. Weiss–US Presswire

Normally the team with the best record sends the most players to the Pro Bowl but that will not be the case with the Atlanta Falcons who were clearly snubbed all the way around.

Atlanta has three players on this year’s Pro Bowl roster: Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Tony Gonzalez. That’s it. No Roddy White. No Jonathan Babineaux. No Asante Samuel or Thomas Decoud. Meanwhile, the San Francisco 49ers will send nine players to the Pro Bowl.

The Falcons seem to not mind so much and have taken a “No Worries” mindset like Lil’ Wayne. When asked about being snubbed from one the worst all-star games in all of sports, Babineaux said, “We’ve got bigger and better things going on this year besides worrying about Pro Bowls.” Gonzalez, who made the team sad, “It’s obsolete anyway.”

It’s true, no one really cares about the Pro Bowl, not even NFL commissioner Roger Goodell who is looking to do away with the game all together. It’s an honor to be named to the team but it is often one of the worst games to watch and the teams who make the Super Bowl cannot participate in the game, which is Atlanta’s goal anyway.

One of the biggest snubs though is Roddy White who has put up Pro Bowl caliber numbers. White has caught 87 passes for 1,309 and seven touchdowns and is one of the most exciting receivers in the game.

The Pro Bowl snubs parallel Atlanta’s season where they have been overlooked, called pretenders and even now with the best record in the NFL they still are not number one in most power rankings. Hopefully all of this disrespect pays off with a win in the Super Bowl but even then someone will still try to argue their were better teams out there.

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