Contract Extension for Sean Payton, Job Security for Jason Garrett

By Jesus Flores

Sean Payton will not be the Dallas Cowboys’ next head coach, at least not according to reports released Friday.

According to the reports, a league source specified that Payton agreed in principle to a multi-year contract extension and will remain the head coach of the New Orleans Saints.  This should end all speculation about whether or not “Payton to the Cowboys” could or would actually happen.

If you recall, Payton’s name was associated with the Cowboys several times after the NFL voided his original contract extension.  I mean, the guy’s family lives in Dallas, he owns a home in Dallas and he has a decent relationship with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, so I can see why that would be the case.

Personally, I’m glad that Payton is going back to the Saints and that there will be no speculation as to whether or not coach Jason Garrett will be back next season, but who knows, right?  I mean, maybe Bill Cowher gets the sudden urge to coach and the media will immediately link him to the head coaching vacancy in Dallas.  Maybe Jones has finally lost his marbles and will do everything and anything to win with this core of players.

Should the Cowboys win on Sunday against the Washington Redskins, I have no doubt that Garrett’s job would be safe.  The team would win the NFC East and clinch a playoff spot.  That’s considered progress, right?

Or is the media, much like the fans, still expecting Garrett to lead a team ravished by injuries to the Promised Land?

Should the Cowboys lose and end the season in the same manner as they did the previous season, at 8-8 and failing to clinch the NFC East in the final game of the season, I still don’t think it’s reason enough fire Garrett.  Maybe fans just need to accept that Garrett has done a respectable job as the head coach of the Cowboys and remember “it’s a process” boys and girls, “it’s a process.”


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