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Denver Broncos’ Magic Number is One For First-Round Bye, Home Field in NFL Playoffs


Stew Milne – US Presswire

The Denver Broncos‘ magic number is one for a No. 2 seeding for the NFL playoffs. The Broncos also have a scenario that enables them to receive the No. 1 seed in the AFC, which would allow Denver to receive a first-round bye and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. There is another scenario that leaves the Broncos with the No. 3 seed, which would mean they would lose their first-round bye and lower their chances for games at home.

To keep the No. 2 seed, the Broncos need a victory over the Kansas City Chiefs or a New England Patriots loss to the Miami Dolphins. If either of these happen, the Broncos will secure at least the No. 2 seed which gives them a first-round bye and home field versus anyone except the Houston Texans.

The magic number is two for the other two scenarios. If the Broncos win and the Texans lose to the Indianapolis Colts then the Broncos would receive the No. 1 seed which would give them a first-round bye and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The Broncos could drop to the No. 3 seed if they lose to the Chiefs and the Patriots beat the Dolphins.

If the Broncos fall to the No. 3 seed then their run to the Super Bowl gets much more complicated. No. 3 seeds do not get a first-round bye and in that scenario, Denver would most likely face either the Texans or the Patriots on the road before they reach the Super Bowl.


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