New Orleans Saints, Sean Payton Agree to New Contract

By Carl Conrad
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Time to put all of those “Sean Payton to the Dallas Cowboys” rumors to bed. It appears as if Payton and the New Orleans Saints have agreed, at least in principle, to the outline of a new multi-year contract that will keep the currently suspended coach in ‘Nawlins upon his return.

Anytime that there is even the slightest potential that a top tier head coach could possibly be available, the rumor mill is going to run rampant. It looks as if the Saints and Payton have collectively decided to get out in front of this, as much as possible, in order to squash any talk of Payton leaving.

Many conspiracy theorists and Cowboys fans have been looking for a reason for Payton to wind up in Dallas. They have cited his relationship with Dallas owner Jerry Jones, as well as the fact that he resides in the Dallas area.

The one thing they have forgotten, however, is the fact that Payton is incredibly loyal to the Saints organization and the players. It would be moronic for him to walk away from a situation that fits him perfectly. His rapport with Drew Brees runs deep. It is still his system that is being run in New Orleans, despite his absence. It would make absolutely no sense for him to walk away from the organization that he brought from the doldrums to a Super Bowl championship.

With this latest development, it looks like Payton will come back to the Saints after his suspension is up and will look to lead them back to the promised land next year.

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