NFL Rumors: St. Louis Rams Halfback Steven Jackson Considering Retirement

By Scott DelleFave
Jackson , Steven 1
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

It has been reported that St. Louis Rams running back, Steven Jackson is considering retirement after this season despite only being 29 years old. “If I have to write my story,” Jackson said, “I’d rather go out like Barry Sanders and leaving people to want more than to leave too late.”

I know some people will say exactly that but he is only 29, that being said Jackson has been the workhorse running back for the Rams since he was drafted with the 24th pick in the 2004 NFL Draft and both haven’t looked back since with the exception of his rookie year. For the first two years of his career he was sharing the load, though much less in year two with Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk. As of going into week 17 of this year, Jackson has had 2,384 carries and 10,083 rushing yards, and 56 career rushing touchdowns  and 400 catches for 3,279 yards and eight receiving touchdowns.

I will applaud him if he does decide to hang it up as so many players over stay their welcome and by the time they are 45 they can barely walk due to all the joint surgeries they have during and after their careers. Maybe this could start a new trend for workhorse running backs, but then again some teams often dump their workhorse when the decline starts and then some other team tries to prolong his career but can’t due to over use, such as Larry Johnson.

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