NFL Week 17, Christmas, And A Week of Redskins vs. Cowboys Chaos

By Ricky Allen
Washington Redskins Cheerleaders
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys, prime time, the season finale and it’s for the NFC East title. Is there a better gift to give a Redskins fan?

I know what you’re thinking: Gosh, I’m hearing about this again. Yes, you are, because it’s just that good of a game to watch this weekend.  However, my week has not been filled with thoughts of an division title and how many people on Facebook I’m going to “put on blast” when the Redskins win. No, it has been about Christmas, family, gifts, and the chaotic mess afterwards.

Whether or not anyone admits it, football needs this rivalry. Its rare we see classic teams battle it out on a stage like the one they will have Sunday.  Both teams have seen their ups and downs this season. Sunday, literally, it will come down to the last second on the clock.

My week of chaos begins like this:

1. People better start giving Alfred Morris the respect he deserves. I blogged about this yesterday and complained in the local Walmart to a cashier. She’s a Browns fan. She doesn’t care.

2. London Fletcher once again has been snubbed a starting position on the 2013 NFC Pro Bowl Roster.  I was furious when I looked at the list and saw that. In fact, my dog even barked in protest when I was complaining. She’s a Redskins fan- the only support I have in the house. Everyone else loves the Philadelphia Eagles. My son played with  my wife’s emotions claiming  he had crossed over and became a Redskins fan. Eventually he caved and told me he would, and I quote, “never cross over”.

3. I had a great time on Thanksgiving watching my wife’s family cringe when the Redskins beat the Cowboys. They found a reason to leave their house just to get away from me laughing at them. I had a lot of leftovers to carry home! It was priceless. They’ve been harassing me all week about this game.  They have the right to dream.

4. The Redskins are filled with record makers: Morris is chasing franchise records while Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III and Kicker “Kobra” Kai Forbath are setting franchise records. That’s my handle in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

5. For some reason, I invited a Cowboys fan over to my house Sunday to watch the game. Am I crazy? I hope she doesn’t go up in flames upon entering the front door. Her husband is a Redskins fan, so hopefully that will offset her mojo.

6. Cheerleaders: My son asked me where were the Redskins Cheerleaders on TV during the game this past week. I rightfully responded, “I don’t know. Maybe we’re missing them between food runs back and forth from the kitchen.” The Redskins Cheerleaders rock, so I hope they get just as much airtime as the Cowgirls do Sunday (Thus being the reason you have the picture seen above this story. You’re welcome.)

7. I recently got into some fun trash talk with a fellow writer at a recent book release party for the “The Richmond Macabre II” . She’s a Cowboys fan. Enough said. I have a story in this anthology called, “The Preacher”. Yes, this is a shameless plug.

8. Finally, my house looks like giant mice came into my living room and shredded large pieces of paper.  Ah yes, unwrapping the Christmas gifts. Exciting at first, painful afterwards when you have to clean it up.  I need a vacation from my Christmas vacation.



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