NY Jets Coach Rex Ryan Does Not Give Team “Best Chance To Win”

By Harry Dole


With his puzzling reluctance to play QB Tim Tebow, NY Jets coach Rex Ryan may try his hand at quarterback if Mark Sanchez once again craps the bed in Buffalo.  Debby Wong – USA TODAY SPORTS


Over the past two drama filled inept seasons, it has become quite apparent that New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan may not have the character, nor guts it takes to lead the beleaguered team to some long awaited glory.

For the second time in two weeks, Ryan has refused to name QB Tim Tebow as a starter, after QB Greg McElroy has been ruled out with a concussion for the Jets season finale against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.  If last week’s eleven sack game by the San Diego Chargers is any indication, QB Mark Sanchez will not only be shuffling off to start in Buffalo, he will be running for his life in Buffalo.

I guess it makes too much sense for Ryan to start a mobile quarterback like Tebow to try and avoid a few sacks. Aside from tanking the season’s last game and getting a potentially higher draft pick by starting Sanchez, what exactly is going on here?  Why are the Jets returning to starting their head case signal-caller, who has wasted away what little confidence he may have had coming into this season?

Since Ryan has been unable to be honest with Jet fans all season, by continuously repeating his usual nonsense that Sanchez gives the team the best chance to win, one can only speculate as to why the embattled coach continues to pretend that his second string quarterback is invisible.

The most obvious reason why Ryan continues to inexplicably diss Tebow is because, if Tebow plays and does well, Ryan will be putting his job in jeopardy.  Such an outcome would make it apparent Ryan made a rather large error by sticking with a failing starting quarterback, who ranks thirty-three out of thirty-four in passer rating this season.  With this latest move, it does not take a mind-reader to realize that Ryan continues to put his own self-interests ahead of the team.

Of course, there are the Ryan apologists who state the less than forthcoming head coach never wanted Tebow in New York and is executing some personal vendetta against him.  Well, if this is the case, it just shows that Ryan has absolutely no power and no say in how the team is run.  In other words, a weak head coach is a bad head coach.

Probably the most damaging part of this whole scenario is how Ryan’s repulsive and insulting treatment of Tebow has opened the door for other Jet players (who obviously have little class) to jump into the fray and dump on Tebow.  For the second straight season, the Jets locker room situation has become an unprofessional embarrassment;  and there is only one person to blame for this.

Ryan said he learned his lesson after last season’s meltdown where he admitted to losing control of the team.  The fact that Ryan permitted the same exact drama to play out again this season (with Tebow being the target this time around) does not only signify he did not learn his lesson, it shows that he continues to repeat the same mistakes.

The most recent Tebow controversy involves him allegedly telling Ryan he did not want to be inserted into the wildcat formation against the Chargers last Sunday.  Tebow responded by stating, “You work your whole life to build a reputation. Then people try to bring you down when they don’t understand even what happened.”

From what has transpired this season, Ryan may be the one who has been leading the charge in trying to bring Tebow down, for the purpose of elevating his own status.  At the very least, Ryan’s classless actions continue to encourage a cancerous and unprofessional culture on the team.

It may be time to cut Ryan loose, so he can shuffle off somewhere else and give another team “the best chance to win.”

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