Objective Rant: Terrelle Pryor starting for the Oakland Raiders means nothing

By Jeremy Hayes
NFL: Preseason-New Orleans Saints at Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders have announced that backup quarterback Terrelle Pryor will get the start against the San Diego Chargers this Sunday.

This move means absolutely nothing.

The Raiders have already admitted that Pryor is a “work in progress,” so no one should expect anything from his start. In fact, I am willing to go as far to say he will not be able to compete as a quarterback in the NFL.

Pryor’s ability is still a mystery, but if he is not good enough in practice to compete against Carson Palmer or Matt Leinart, he is obviously not ready. This is the Tim Tebow story of the west coast, if Pryor was capable, he would not have been drafted in the third round of the supplemental draft. He would have been taken even earlier, but no, he is not that good.

Fans should not get excited even if somehow he has a big day against the Chargers, it is still a week 17 game that means nothing but an extra win. I agree every team needs to play their hardest every game, but are you seriously willing to say Pryor can be the starter next year after one game?

The Raiders are in trouble, and like anything in trouble, they become desperate. Their is no difference from the New York Jets signing Tebow for attention. This is a media move by the Raiders, fans should not get their hopes up, because this is a really bad team all around. Maybe the worst put together team in the league, and that is shown in the Pro Bowl rosters that do not list one Raider.

Pryor is not ready, and does not even have the ability to earn this start.

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