Sun Life Stadium Seeing Fewer and Fewer Miami Dolphins Fans

By Craig Ballard
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The Miami Dolphins have one more week remaining in their 2012 schedule, but the home portion is finished.

No team in the NFL had more empty seats in 2012 than the Dolphins. Wow.

The team went 5-3 at Sun Life Stadium this season, but that is just the third time in the last 10 seasons where they have won as many as five home games. In 2010 and 2011 Miami had a combined five home wins (5-11 at home…yikes).

The ‘Phins phaithful have become very disenchanted with the on-field product, and they are furious with the management/player personnel decisions aka Jeff Ireland. Sun Life has seen fewer and fewer ‘Phins phans.

Miami did not even average 58,000 fans per game for 2012. They were getting that many in season tickets alone a decade ago, but this is an organization that last won a playoff game on December 30, 2000. Yikes. The season tickets are down in the 30,000 range currently.

Since Dan Marino retired (article on why I consider Marino the greatest quarterback ever is HERE) this is what the Dolfans have seen…11-5, 11-5, 9-7, 10-6 to open up the 2000’s, but since 2003 they are 51-77, and at home they are 27-37. That is an average of a 6-10 season with a 3-5 home record. We see why the team is not selling season tickets, and are not showing enough on the field to earn walk-up sales either.

Stephen Ross has tried a thousand things to try to get the Dolphins back to relevant in Miami again. The fans are still there, they absolutely exist – hardcore too – but they are not happy with the lack of success lately. Floridians have the Miami Heat to get behind these days so if they are going to spend their entertainment dollar it is going be spent on the defending NBA champs, not a team that is on a run where they average 6-10 seasons.

I have to hope that Miami can tangibly improve their team in the off-season and earn some fans coming through their turnstiles again.

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