Terrelle Pryor To Start For Oakland Raiders On Sunday

By Riley Schmitt


Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It has not been a fun year for Oakland Raiders fans, but there is some hope for their game in Week 17.  No, the Raiders aren’t actually playing for something but a guy who is playing should create some noise.  The team is turning to Terrelle Pryor in Week 17 for his first career start.


Head Coach Dennis Allen names @Terrelle Pryor starting QB for Sunday.

This is a brilliant move by the team.  You have the kid on the roster so you might as well see what he can do.  Starting a retread veteran is not going to accomplish anything.  If Pryor shows any flashes of skill, you might have yourself something for next season.  If he sucks horribly, you go address that position in the offseason.

There will be some people that do not like this move but it is really a no-lose situation for the team.  They are not playing for anything.  Give the kid a chance.  I actually wish more teams operated like this.  If you have no chance to go anywhere, play some backups and see what they can do.  They might end up being better than the starters you have.

I am going to pay attention to the Raiders for the first time all season.  They have not been pretty on either side of the ball, but this at least gives them a headline for the weekend.  If Pryor succeeds, the Raiders might just be intriguing next year.  If not, it is the same old story in Oakland.

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