Will Brian Urlacher Play on Sunday?

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears close their season against the Detroit Lions. However, it will most likely be without linebacker Brian Urlacher. Head coach Lovie Smith today indicated that he was limited in practice and suggested that Nick Roach should be able to do the job again for Urlacher.

Quite frankly, when Urlacher was injured against the Seattle Seahawks earlier in the month, saying this was a three-to-four week injury seemed optimistic. This especially was suspicious with the way the Bears are about injuries. They’re about as honest with injuries as former president Bill Clinton was about being faithful.

Without trying to sound obvious, Sunday’s game is the biggest of the season. Even if the Bears win, they’ll still need help from the Green Bay Packers who need to beat the Minnesota Vikings in Minneapolis. Even a month earlier, the Bears seemed like a lock to make the postseason. Now they’ll need help from an old division rival.

The defense has played well enough without Urlacher, and even if they win on Sunday, they’ll have no chance of progressing through the post-season without #54. Don’t let the rhetoric from the Bears fool you, Urlacher’s contributions go way beyond his play. This could potentially be his last year with the Bears, so it would be nice to give him one more shot at winning a Super Bowl. OK, I am getting way ahead of myself. The Bears just need to win on Sunday and see what happens.

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