Cam Newton Got Off Easy After Getting Fined $21,000

By Scott DelleFave
Cam Newton 3
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

In Sunday’s game versus the Oakland RaidersCam Newton of the Carolina Panthers got off fairly easily with only being fined $21,000 after nudging an official.  I say that because whenever you contact an official, especially in the way he did, you’re supposed to be ejected from the game no questions asked. Since he wasn’t ejected, I would have guessed the NFL would have suspended him for week 17 to compensate for not throwing him out.

I also think Newton should be warned by members of his team/coaching staff that he should be careful that he should even watch what he does and says in the final week as he might get tossed out of the game for a far less severe infraction. It maybe on Sunday, or maybe next year, who knows when but the referees tend to have long memories and will play favorites against him.

I applaud him for standing up for himself, however he needs to let his offensive linemen step in as it is their job to protect their quarterback. Opposing team’s defenses will think that it could be really easy to get under Newton’s skin if they think he has a short fuse that could result in him getting ejected from a game. Behind Newton, the Panthers have Derek Anderson as his back up and Jimmy Clausen is the third string; Carolina doesn’t want to take that route.

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